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have satc need to study. so you know we did wellness with physical therapy fully focused mostly on education scholarships. i feel like it to me soon skip that step shea. cocktails and i always wanted to kiss career earnings. as for testers result abundance and the pace barricades erected to stave off a revolution. while fishing point one to take part in peaceful also at the store is the country's main opposition group threatens to drop the adjusted data. three top ten. thus says the upcoming conference must focus on
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tucking into a book about food aisles. how must respond europe contribute to the spread of jack on this one. a fan. welcome to the problem. the zen or images from his own design and the zac chill seen from the ukrainian capital taken on in our heat. the picture is shy in protest of the running amok angry at the plants. lols they say are aimed at punishing them fall england is the response has been fee is a mix of months of cocktails and find bones or threatened. he's trying to stave off a revolution. see the chefs is empty of cars this morning telling me about this and send the right place
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where the even better than some relative of a vine and madagascar they are not dying down you can see what remains of the police cars and the police boss was with the destiny of breed evicting picture what happened here yesterday over the edges which made fifty meters away from the other police lines the copyright police this was the regiment call the bet but that was trying to secure the governments of water augusta on sunday to protest the gathered for a typical rallied after that they decided to hold the government reported that the busses with the police erupted we haven't made that more than seventy police officers at the moment hospitals with different entities that still remain pretty much all but that was awesome but you will see the complete opposite the deep enough so that was somebody from the police report that they used rubber bullets against the crowd to see from time to time. lots of the doubt was the last
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bands are big dogs from both sides with each other. visit the library date with a protest against the police that's the way that would just like men with several thousand people the number of sites running up to date the progress that great until it was all going to go but so far it's been very tight turns. the lead on the ground that the police might actually try to assault the better to get on the independence that would've been there for almost two months now and this my hand and very violent very violent scenario. wilson another present the product is not suicidal but this isn't easy for him to hold negotiations with the opposite of what this is not the top of that sound right knee at the people are still very much determined but the government to resign but the president to step down this is their goal is no longer have brought you a protest which it was at the beginning of the fold wrote the story give this a security anti governmental the ball when was the controlling all the developments of what's happening in ukrainian capital kiev. dozens of police remain. mine isn't yet with head injuries and chairs
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and poisoning my nana substances. daisy is sticking to its position in a bid and the local authorities and as a drainage canal reports the scene has been sent for the final acts. brooks went flying and police bosses went up in flames. the opposition tuesday that the company responsible for any him. this president that begin with. we did mom you stop the escalation of the situation. get the police off the streets. dissolving the parliament and cold in the parliamentary and presidential elections do not repeat the right to challenge us to and get acclimated the fact that the riots was started by several hundred protesters healing from the ultra nationalist camp on the defendant's player. we
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had to withstand the shower products in love with the cocktails the government's an avalanche of criticism for using water cannons and rubber bullets to continue the good crowd increasing tension in ukraine as a direct consequence of the government failing to acknowledge the adjustment payments to service people. the us will continue to consider additional staff including sanctions in response to the use of violence and military leaders and members chanted revolution much of the night the place seemed indifferent to the open call for school. we start under these conditions we don't want so that we don't want to watch. likely going to change this could send some nasty seventy policemen were injured twenty protesters arrested. cameras captured the season the writers vicious attacks against security forces. yet for the western leaders and for the ukrainian opposition this seems to be the european way to solve ukraine's internal political issues. we have european values we have european principles we have european rights that we must uphold in each and every european country. this type of pressure seems to be
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effective. even twenty four hours after the riots started president yanukovich has already made concessions to the opposition going as far as to the integrity of them getting lost in integrated square. ukrainian opposition seems to be in a win win situation. item i get a new change of leadership by force or simply forcing her to the election. the radical spirits now well and truly skeleton key of the question is what the opposition be capable of getting it back in the bottle. even those cool artsy. the second test i was also highly critical of the ukrainian leadership sending you on to protest and always would deprive the nature of that speech at the end of the show business needs europe tour is the humidity is buying the house the west is only denying its undemocratic nineties. it's not that democrats prices mean that the problem with a serious case that's a good training session divided that even
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the gospels i so fifty percent of the people's support the president's bed of december fourteen where it considers the seventh day i've decided this means that the opposition doesn't have the data tomorrow thirty a mandate from the people you know that state's government moreover you have to live at the end of the day. for these bills and has many other police remains the democratically elected president. the study is we've been saying to the eastern european countries that meet its prospectus democracy however there are a situation where you are that if they the eu in the us say will forget everything was the last study is that support these guys because they are effective for part of her freedom. so this is a double standard going on prices in ukraine as kites with tp on to date with what's happening back twenty four cents. no way to geneva to peace talks on its ear and just a few days away the odyssey is beginning an
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actual country children to climb on to build up to anything which aims to find a way to ones that got the carpet the list of exactly who will be inching always the question again here is the main opposition group the design is a blessing to go by on an agreement at times. in this post to the munchies sending an invitation to him on one of the key players in the reach of course to take part in that old fewer national household now says the new police constable was torn by eleven pm gmt only told no shot. russia's foreign minister said this constant doubts over the opposition's weekend is to find a solution. used to this would anyone judging the necessity of all influential players taking part in geneva to it is not seeking an end to syrian crisis. these are just wins the syrian government imposes no preconditions and
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is even willing to stick with countries in the bracket are the rebels. not just the moderators. does that leave the mosque is to match their exclusion. the goal of any talks. this is to bring to the negotiating table. not just the parties you'd like all those whom the solution to problem depends on it. if you're a national mission to attend the school say prayers as i wanted to be very different from the components in feta and a set of forming an interim government with not one shot last month to maintain the conference the serenity to himself that chris and i that stopping the spread of terrorism should be the primary focus let's listen. the loom the tuc conference must lead to concrete results when it comes to fighting terrorism any other outcome that does not touch on the combating terrorism would be naive i knew it all. there are real fears that terrorists can see
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that this area can spread across the evening. europeans make up a big chunk of the seventeen pounds and fourteen k hahn is full today and the war torn country the biggest european contribute to the front that as many as seven hundred of its nationals can be to see where i now out your candles and candle set in the top three. the worry is that what happens when they were sent home on teesside pass course not with one british citizen with his brother to war thousands of miles from home new de young priest bishop and it's nothing serious if you could be you. so how could you onto the content but according to what extent did not cause the luckiest european is that its current fleet of contingents in recent times. they add up to at least eleven hundred. and if you use the maximum estimates you get to over seventeen hundred it was fun the picturesque seaside town
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that sells the end paul smith this is going to the young men we think the act together enjoying the lights in syria thousand monthly getting these weeks the community that twenty three year old in the kitchen mine was killed last placing on the syrian front line. i told boss that if they had a number of his friends attended the fall prey to this area with a chilling one of the basin radical opposition greeks up racing in the country. light since the islamic state of iraq in some of the fall he died in that it was the fate of facial media takes the baby a is an update since the greeks activities that were in the fenced into the same as his brother's death. mystic into non exclusively tells us she he wants to set the record straight about his brother baby was and why he thinks he went to haaretz. tony difference between him and was so deep and as a uniform just because he wasn't in uniform who supports his personality. he's been nuked
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of like a or something else something that had it says asic would have to continue in a new phone policy difference is that the people in uniform. it always fight for the people in playful what benefits them. as a country. and what you full force for the people. like many foreign flights is it because it crossed into syria by a techie. it was eighty one is that he unfolds his family he wants a fight she high school katie rule. she said. we'll see how life is complete. complete the recent debate in the too hot especially in the sea yankees. it's been a complete unknown concept among liberal ideas there. visit the business community we made simple is that the grades on the eight thousand to one of them they teach current is that i think he think age limits are set to review or referencing of
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the places they can lead to an apostle who this looks interesting one and suddenly they're listening to the teaching that i know that our leaders here in portsmouth with no support. i don't think the problem exists within any of the most important history. the issue now he's in way. if those mosques and not delivering what the year one. then maybe go for it somewhere else the country and europe wide and the fate of ticketing agent a young generation like to note that the fall. you don't remember the friend who just ordinary boys and i just never thought let's open this book about it and we still know you aware was going along well with all know that my brother won this when you are than me is i'm gonna be about and he died in the battlefield to some kind of has a sunken from you all know people. so she knows he has happened but still hadn't sunk in. from the fourth was
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put forth is in the head. fed policy but also from goldsmith into something it lol we europeans joining the this point as a stair railing and darlington belgium next aussie has been costly for him to start of the belgian father the son can back it is on and left to see richard clinton signed the rebels that while the young mind has since returned home on his fon that dimitri don't think joins us now line. i miss that dimitri and welcome to auntie nice to see again it had been honest to respond he said there was little chance he would see a sun again. how did he manage to get by little guy so glad to hear from you and soon the icc to my mission to britain by some bikes and that's all they know this mission the the media. because the media in the ol' his surreal furthermore not only goal for the city in the lesser known
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says one senior source in the opium the stone steps it's only the media will make a mention on this thought we'd sold twice the web and all will know sooner or later by your side to the laos the guys set in russia and china japan the middle east bbc. and second goal. daniel saw leone so all this to appeal to the make and the media was looking for my missing so it suits them an almost open studio. and so the debate is quite small i succeed to my co commission them to bring my son back to safety in the details in the private lives and that some of his eyes back safe to go to this sale but rather what i was sitting in the senate and all this diary is that the it's a scandal that european governments especially among the boom and bust in government is doing nothing there's no respect. there's also that the four pence to bring youngsters back from cabo was also bought the business with this kind
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of sorrow said there was something there doing his best moment is that talking always what you gotta do is to censor it down. medvedev that if all this recipe when i take the set meal that is not that this is only something good discussion that talking about advice on news that rises up from his eyes. joe henderson than impressed with dr c delegate from the top and sides of the tyrannical honest man. i am on the internet and syriac i whined that he wanted him to sign to add to the ceiling tussle about his time. well says the sale is made of bill's son made in the past that i was looking for my missing song. it's alleged that on the philippine city of its ruins them. so it was so late already the sauce that is all set up as a pseudo looking for them. i also set to end the fed will for sure the review will go
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looking for a bit is sitting up so it's good to the media that i succeeded by mission and to all this the appeals of them they didn't read up to attend three successful bids. i think it was not really a sunday in syria shoebox is that. no lights on the notified the city of the fastest while the mice only up to the ncr the fall for them it is a jayhawks but gee aren't in that way there was so funny and they had a hand drum. someone who will teach you all talking all about to hospital to get adopted the fighting which one does not possess an absolute ruler of the universe making seahawks can also be required to list the event will be getting a foot in the litigation to a civilian people. this can also be a way of making jokes at my side with the rebels and their wealth and is ready in the bay off giving her a sense of medicines. if all civility on the people at
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separate and that's yet to try my wild horse that you're so in the studio. this wasn't the conduct of the door the first of all. because that doesn't make in the middle. and we succeeded in this ten seconds but the sooner you realize also bet that the wallabies in malta urgency of us to start from and who doesn't question the most of the city of is this my future. the mellow mood in the house to the season when the quilting so incredible things. you decide to return to his family but from the mesa also were six families from the current system. all the stamping soon. the seeds out of the authorities responded photo the response about to authorities. he also has a history course that that was then that is part of the bedroom. this is a scoundrel is disgusting because the wind out of office to protest but also about. the in fact that
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the images from the city where my soul is the castle there was sadness over some of the muscle with the event and this is a restless. my son noah who think this is the right but dependence is back to europe. never never in fact i was also in the bed and investment will always those who see the ucl that they say is that the bad the service drive the cost of goods and to help him. with the zoo was a women of them there but never booed and toolbars and the doctor was the surface of the tests the zoo is open to the best if just for the reunion just tell the story of the area thousand randomly assigned how many young people from europe of pointing back whether they want to come from what's my answer may seem them to smile i'm sure they are with is the best of all that. if you feel about the us. we are talking about and usually on the bounce a
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little in the distance fast enough and probably jump in them since the buoyancy of these moments of everyday everyday and are still going to see aunt millie also evidence that still are i think that in the fence. they just bought five of them in the thick juicy up to see a government is doing nothing to stop this. totally nothing to stop this. in fact there was something that some government is going to be about to go with the joneses hundred tonne. joe was something though the dough into balls. that responsibility. then the responsibility to stop instead of the week the stones is going to see us and right while the swiss made the most right truly the attention away from the real problems because this little building in stopping the ice is going to see them. dimitri and don't need to find out the belgian never went to syria to find some sign pocahontas forces that. and recently came by how many trees thank you very much indeed. when time and shadows. i'm sick since i'm
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excused. i said to them and wish him all afternoon that it is possible to know somebody up. the elimination of that was somewhat subdued i think we're much passion as well. dimitri sink in. of course without a studio in any development that could affect the geneva to peace conference to see restaurant today. don't miss our special coverage of the sun as the stumps and wednesday the new. three years. two of over one hundred thousand well mostly and common sense come together. with one or two. war is not the answer this beast of a chance. we always had a problem and starring deal comes into effect for the new panel
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shall come. why is cutting your brain enrichment in exchange for an easing of sunshine is on to the polls and in the future holds for the tricky game stations had the threat to three hundred yen as of press freedom and international mission is to the un to investigate whether the government is trying to control the media in the wake of atlas mountains weeks to stay with us the eye. you will. i did. murder is you corruption like we've never had it in this country you can't say that this is a great economy right now it's a great economy if you're rich and were were trying to
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get the will of the wall street cunning topic and if you've got all your money in stocks it's beginning to show a little light. it's not if you're an average person in this country i would have to agree with doug again i see a lot of relations it i don't see a lot of really good policy for the average person might decide to take up an earlier point that designate though which i are also thought was quite important and significant especially insofar as historians can provide value by looking for trends and tough putting things in context which was the assassination of the u s citizens overseas really i might say that our efforts need to have life or death over their citizens without doubt without that an open trial. i am the iran has started to hold a few real enrichment program and two in longmont deal that came into effect today. in exchange for
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kunming it's neat and actions it was promised to ease the back of functions on the middle east country as not to get close to act i was in ronnie's again and the entire top economic relief of the country to win six minus seven min and don't listen to the modest about ninety four point two billion dollars will be acceptable three redefines of the scenes which will be implicated. no crowd and the wettest is coming from an easing of restrictions on the export of petrochemical goods precious metals and financial transactions however the myth is just the beginning as the next hop and two minus six while powell was to reach a final compromise. but as aunties for the scan reports the pasta agreement may know me say. to date a deal between a man in the international community doesn't effect that will seek him and sees parts of its nuclear program in return for the easing of sanctions intends of the agreement
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given out under the restrictions on the wing in exports of pics of chemicals the country would also be able to import costs lives. the manufacturing industry and trade in gold and the prices missiles the next six months are critical because it is gina's timeframe that the international community an ear and will need to reach a final agreement between each hit with out which could ultimately see the boredom of the east descend into chaos and possibly even a war. what is clear is that it has seen goodwill and the one ticket for this deal to work that has overridden the skeptics in the place is courting the full face sanctions. what is not clear is how the united states is going to need its weight for weight it has a very fine line to walk on the one hand you have is will that continues to say that this was a deal with the devil. you also had us congressmen and women who according to face sanctions on the other hand she has a brand which has since beating they can present barack obama is itching to come to the pot tea and he insults me to show
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transparency and commitment are not eighteen eighteen weeds are pulled his finger tap it in the region so the next six months are going to be critical. the hope is that at the end of coffee yet you will have a permanent deal in place between u bahn and the international community. when crt tv. some of the global headlines this time. don has been shaken by a c results but hesitating kabul was scanning twenty people and injuring scores more months to the dallas convention in denver has led the database it on time teaching at crowded market meanwhile the monkey on these engaged in fee is forty single continent from innocence and the ctr vermont in the season on the summit in december. long grass and the services have enough paint a one time assistant bombing killed at least fifteen people. explosion was a smidge the checkpoint me of being on the court has considered to be this is his muscle hill area. thus phone
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as the state and the sultanate recon find the country's south west what is the missing link above and tonks again be on me what's more with accommodation is up next to stay with us. noone knew him all in. use eye. i am
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another whistle blowers facing a lot of heat including a wave of death threats. what did she discover some sort of dark secret c i a plant or some other plot for a new world luxury nosh expose something far more dangerous and important are the zombies on their couches. the university of north carolina athletes are mentally unfit for college. even high school mary willing to blow the whistle on the fact that between the ten percent of the school's football and basketball players rated the fourth grade level and many others are some college level. she also claims that the students were allowed into the universe be based on screen process done by the university. ikea implying that the open sea knew exactly who they were letting in to the university remember college football makes a lot of money. i always have a feeling that something like this was going on. i mean the corn usa today many college athletes claimed that during the season they put in more than double the amount of hours on sports apparel out. that's fifty to sixty
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hours a week. how can they possibly learn anything maybe it isn't so sad that the schools often a reflection of economics. what is sad is that the whistleblower is getting death threats just for saying that it is going on by those stupid hardcore fans but that's just my opinion. i rmb he knew knew you. thus you can watch makes the world you were ever you go to inmates he asks for your tablet access program schedules on demand video. i don't mind in peace. i play ball. i enjoyed
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the us versions available this is your marketplace today research makes the network. roo and new guru the air . the news. the abc secretary general ban ki moon says that in your writing ability to attend the upcoming syrian peace talks in switzerland its islamist rebel group seven am is that they do not support the un sponsored talks between the syrian opposition in the regime of syrian president bashar al assad and inclusion of the iran could further complicate efforts at ending the violence. tehran has been a staunch ally of the signs as well as shiite militant group hezbollah whose members have five


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